State Satellite Internet Pilot Program

The South Carolina Department of Education is working with the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff to extend broadband internet to the homes of all students and staff. As part of that effort, they are looking at low-orbit satellite installations in homes that are without reliable internet nearby. The state is piloting this program in only ten homes to learn what the issues and barriers are should they take the program to scale.


We are looking for the names and addresses of students or staff who do not have internet access and may be willing to have a satellite receiver installed on their homes. The addresses you supply will be reviewed by SCORS for internet availability, and by SCDE on the educational purpose. The installers would view the location, determine whether the site likely will work, and – if so – perform the installation. For those who participate, the equipment and one year’s service would be covered by the State. The property owner must grant permission to install equipment on their property.


Please complete the form found here:


Deadline for submissions is October 26th.